Almonta. The delicious taste of nature

Almonta is bursting
with milk, cream, herbs and vegetables or fruit for a traditional taste
but with the conve-
nience consumers look for to complement their modern lifestyle.

Bluberry & Raspberry

Cheese meets fruit and provides a new explosion of flavor...

Apricot & Vanilla

Have you ever tried a symphony of cheese and fruit?...

It’s an aspirational, must-have product
for anyone with
a high affinity
for European products
and a love of
natural flavors.


Almonta Original is a delicious blend of milk and cream...


Light and delicious with 50% less fat than cream cheese...


A fresh and delicious taste with a twist...


Like to enjoy a tasty cream cheese spread and still have...

Almonta – the perfect versatile,
everyday cheese to enjoy on any occasion.

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