Belletoile – A Star which brings the Taste of France”.

Belletoile – cheese offering an unique pleasure due to a combination of authentic taste and an outstanding creamy texture. Belletoile cheeses are made from high-quality raw material: fresh, hormone- free cream and milk. With Belletoile, the traditional French cheese-maker knows perfectly how to offer you the “Triple Guarantee”:

  • NO preservatives at all
  • NO artificial flavors
  • NO colors are added

Belletoile – The delicious brand of rich, creamy cheese takes consumers’ taste buds on a tour of French food gastronomy – it’s the perfect cheese for enjoying those special moments with family and friends. The pleasure of Belletoile comes from its traditional preparation, using over seven decades of experience, and the high-quality raw ingredients we use to create its wonderful taste and texture. It is the authentic flavor of France.

Recipes using Belletoile