Apples-quinces pancake


  •  10,06 oz cream yoghurt (300g). We recommend 2 kegs Almonta Light Yoghurt
  •  4 eggs
  •  6,8fl oz (200ml) sparkling water
  •  10,6 oz (300g) wheat flour
  •  4 little apples
  •  3 tbsp. (3EL) oil
  •  4 tbsp. (4EL) quince jelly
  •  1,76 oz (50g) sugar
  •  4 scoops yoghurt


  • Wisk together Almonta Light Yoghurt, eggs, sparkling water and wheat flour to make a pancake dough.
  •  Skin apples, cut them in four pieces, remove the core and then cut them in slices.
  •  Bake four pancake in an oven-proof pan to falter on the hearthstone.
  •  Put the apples slices on it and spread it with quince jelly.
  •  Put flakes of Almonta yoghurt on it and spread it with a little bit sugar. Then place it in the heated up oven by 180 degrees and caramelize the pancake till they are golden yellow.
  • Serving the finish pancake with each a scoop yoghurt.